Thinking of starting a blog? Don’t.

Whether wishing to bolster your resume or looking to find an outlet for your newly acquired travel tips, we write for ourselves… and we write for others. Consistent writing is a great skill that helps us organize and share our thoughts and opinions, demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and hopefully, gain attention from likeminded individuals…

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Breathe In Your Brand

Spring came quickly this year, didn’t it? After a whirlwind winter that played in the 70s for more days than I care to recall, and one overhyped snowstorm that only just arrived last week, we’ve finally waved “buh-bye.” Longer days are yielding more time for the things we love, or the commitments that we’re in…

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Building a Business? Heed This Advice.

One of the best things about digital networking is crowdsourcing advice. You’ll find that plenty of people are more than willing to help if you ask. As I look to relaunch my online course, The Savvy Soloist, I inquired what their best piece of advice is for new entrepreneurs. Here’s what they had to say:

The Power of the Guest Post

One thing I’m so grateful to be learning and experiencing is that whether it be family or business-related – it truly does “takes a village.” Much like we’ll lean on family and friends for support when our baby comes in a few days, I decided to lean on my online community to ask for help…

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Try These Seven Tried and True Job Negotiation Tactics

Whether you’re meeting with your boss or a new client, thinking through negotiation tactics can be enough to make us cringe—you know, like that time we kept singing even though the music had stopped. (BLUSH!) I know this, because after spending years as an employee doing it annually for myself, I now have to do…

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Purpose-Driven Businesses Succeed Over Profit-Driven Ones

Here’s some good news to start your week! Purpose driven organizations perform 1681% better than competition-driven ones, over a 15-year period. That was the main take away from a leadership session I recently attended with Patrice Tanaka, creator of Joyful Planet, and hosted by Washington Women in Public Relations. While this news may be welcome…

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Podcasting: The New Frontier for Women Bloggers

A year ago, I helped a client launch their very first podcast. It was new territory for both of us, and while we weren’t using cutting edge technology, it worked and worked well. Today, podcasting has become a major content piece for them, as they’ve expanded on different issue areas, and used the platform to…

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Marketing the Brand Called “You”

I wrote about the importance of building your brand for Corina Manea’s NutsPR earlier this summer. In the article I shared tips on how to get started showing value and establishing yourself as a subject-matter expert, using social media as the medium. But what if you aren’t at the beginning stage? Many of us have…

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A Piece of Advice I’ll Never Forget

I’m no stranger to asking lots of questions. I love hearing different perspectives and learning from my peers. I’ve mentored and been mentored and will continue to sing the praises of such a system (especially because it doesn’t have to be so difficult). Every so often I’ll get a piece of advice that just STICKS.…

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