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Writing Consistently Boils Down to Three Things

If there’s one thing I know for sure, writing consistently can be hard. Like, really hard. Why is it so hard? Because it takes time, and discipline. And in a world where we fall asleep to the blue light of our smart phones, eat meals while we catch up on our DVR and are always…

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Thinking of starting a blog? Don’t.

Whether wishing to bolster your resume or looking to find an outlet for your newly acquired travel tips, we write for ourselves… and we write for others. Consistent writing is a great skill that helps us organize and share our thoughts and opinions, demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and hopefully, gain attention from likeminded individuals…

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Five things my influencers taught me in 2016

As I slowly return to the workforce with an entirely new, and demanding, set of priorities as a mother, I thought about what my influencers taught me last year to help me prepare for 2017 and beyond.

Yes, You Too Are A Fundraiser.

Guest post by Sohini Baliga I wasn’t surprised when Elise asked me to write about the connection between marketing and communications and fundraising in the non-profit world. Marcomms professionals, even senior C-suite executives, are more flummoxed than they should be by the idea of non-profit fundraising. It’s easy to see why. Fundraising seems no different…

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The Mom Boss Miniseries – Maddie Grant

Here it is – the final interview in the miniseries about mom bosses who rule the small business world, in DC and beyond. I love these types of articles because I think individual perspective can really help us find ways to tweak our day-to-day lives. Today, I’m excited to share with you my interview with…

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Three Reasons Why AVEs Are No Longer Relevant

Guest Post by Dawn Buzynski With 2017 newly upon us, it’s generally during this time when we see how many “Best Of” blogs discussing what has come and gone over the past 12 months. In the agency world, we have seen significant change with the evolution of digital and social media, which seems to continually…

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