Are recommended posting times for the birds?

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I have a bone to pick. A feather to ruffle, if you will.

Apart from the data that I consume (much like you) as its released, I’m not convinced that there is any singular “best times to post” recommendations for social media outlets that stick.

Here’s why:

  • We all have different audiences (in-office vs. flexible professionals, industry variance, demographic discrepancies, I could go on….)
  • We’re all in different time zones
  • We all have different social media habits (check-in throughout the day, at nighttime, first thing in the morning)
  • New algorithms introduced this year have gone ahead and thrown most of these recommendations away — so, if you weren’t producing engaging content to begin with, its going to be harder now more than ever to attract your audience

So, while Hootsuite, via Huffington Post, tells me that the optimal times to post to Twitter are 5 p.m., 12 p.m., and 6 p.m. (and wait, is that ET or PT), it all makes little sense until I test it in action.

Luckily, both Twitter and Facebook (to start) provide free analytics which you should be reviewing frequently — and matching against your overall goals — such as blog or website traffic, or users taking an action (like signing up for a newsletter or buying a product).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still continue to review this information as its published — and I am grateful for the time that researchers have invested in helping us to better optimize our content — but like anything, its all personal.

That’s what I believe anyways; what about you?


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Elise Perkins founded ep communications in 2014 after seven years of working for trade associations and think tanks. Today she focuses on building brands for businesses and people, using a savvy mix of content and influencer strategies. She sits on the board of Washington Women in Public Relations.

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