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About Elise Perkins

Elise Perkins founded ep communications in 2014 after seven years of working for trade associations and think tanks. Today she focuses on building brands for businesses and people, using a savvy mix of content and influencer strategies. She sits on the board of Washington Women in Public Relations.

Writing Consistently Boils Down to Three Things

If there’s one thing I know for sure, writing consistently can be hard. Like, really hard. Why is it so hard? Because it takes time, and discipline. And in a world where we fall asleep to the blue light of our smart phones, eat meals while we catch up on our DVR and are always

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Thinking of starting a blog? Don’t.

Whether wishing to bolster your resume or looking to find an outlet for your newly acquired travel tips, we write for ourselves… and we write for others. Consistent writing is a great skill that helps us organize and share our thoughts and opinions, demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and hopefully, gain attention from likeminded individuals

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Breathe In Your Brand

Spring came quickly this year, didn’t it? After a whirlwind winter that played in the 70s for more days than I care to recall, and one overhyped snowstorm that only just arrived last week, we’ve finally waved “buh-bye.” Longer days are yielding more time for the things we love, or the commitments that we’re in

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How to Invest in Yourself to Grow Your Career or Business

My approach to work is very DIY. Admittedly, as a former manager, I had a hard time learning to delegate—to trust people to perform the quality of work you expect, in the time frame you require. Say nothing of office politics, or the idea that you must invest in yourself just to get slightly ahead.

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Building a Business? Heed This Advice.

One of the best things about digital networking is crowdsourcing advice. You’ll find that plenty of people are more than willing to help if you ask. As I look to relaunch my online course, The Savvy Soloist, I inquired what their best piece of advice is for new entrepreneurs. Here’s what they had to say:

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