Thinking of starting a blog? Don’t.

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Whether wishing to bolster your resume or looking to find an outlet for your newly acquired travel tips, we write for ourselves… and we write for others.

Consistent writing is a great skill that helps us organize and share our thoughts and opinions, demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and hopefully, gain attention from likeminded individuals and companies.

When done right, writing is an incredible marketing tool.

But committing to writing consistently is difficult (for many), and driving the right traffic to your website can be challenging.

To which I advise, if you’re thinking of starting a blog…don’t.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to gain readership to a specific site you’ve set-up with the best and wittiest URL. It’s really, really hard.

You must:

  • write,

  • edit,

  • take a deep breath,

  • edit some more,

  • push publish, and then…

  • promote the living daylights out of it.

Maybe some colleagues will share it with their networks; perhaps that’s enough to acquire a loyal reader or two (for when you publish the next piece…which hopefully is soon).

I have an easier solution.

Ditch the blog, and publish your work on Medium, or LinkedIn.

Why, you ask? Because that’s where the readers already are.

I repeat: no one is coming to your site; they are going to Medium and LinkedIn.

This article, “Blogging is the new Blockbuster Video. Do this instead,” published on Medium (of course), describes why:

“…you can host your content right here on Medium. For free. Right here, where there are already readers. Where there are publications searching for good content to promote. Where you aren’t throwing out blog posts like messages in the bottle, hoping for lightning to strike.”

It’s true, after setting up a profile for myself (hey, I’m still learning to take my own advice), and selecting topics of interest, and even liking and commenting on a few, I now get a daily email with relevant articles delivered straight to my inbox.

Guess what, I read them. Well, I at least skim the headlines and then I usually click-through about 1/3 of them to read the articles in entirety. Then, I schedule them for my own social media promotion.

I’ve discovered some really good writers who publish there, and whose names I’ve come to know. I’ve also learned a lot of useful information that helps me do better work, and provides thought-provoking ideas that challenge my daily life.

Isn’t that what writing should do? Move us to do something. Encourage us to step out of our comfort zone. Teach us a thing or two.

That’s what I hope my writing does, and that’s why I’m working hard to cross-publish my work on ep communications to my Medium account. If you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, you can try publishing there too.

Once you’ve found yourself in a groove and established some cadence with your community, shift those published pieces to your own blog and continue to co-publish between the sites. I think you’ll like the results, and appreciate the time you’ve saved in not building a website that no one visits, except me because I like you.

Until you prove that you can write consistently, promise me, don’t start a blog.





About Elise Perkins

Elise Perkins founded ep communications in 2014 after seven years of working for trade associations and think tanks. Today she focuses on building brands for businesses and people, using a savvy mix of content and influencer strategies. She sits on the board of Washington Women in Public Relations.

2 responses on “Thinking of starting a blog? Don’t.

  1. Kim Fredrich

    LOVE it! I have definitely had more traction on my LinkedIn posts than on my personal blog. I like what you are suggesting here. Any thoughts on how to avoid the duplicated content SEO drama?

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